Goodman and Worsham Elementary students are celebrating their house selections. Both campuses have implemented house systems to build character, relationships and increase school pride. 

What is the House System?

The house system is an idea adopted from Ron Clark Academy. The house system gives students an opportunity to build friendships and connect with students across the campus. It also creates a family-like culture at the campus. The goal is to make the campus feel a little smaller. The house system is helping create a sense of pride, belonging, and community.

During the first few weeks of school the campuses held house sorting parties. There are four different houses students can be selected for.

“You don’t choose a house, your house chooses you,” LaDon Ward, Goodman Elementary principal said.  

The house selection process is completely left to fate. 

House of Courage: Strong, brave, creative and a visionary. 

House of Respect: Bold, strong and empowering.

House of Friendship: Quiet, powerful, intelligent, creative and friendly.

House of Trust: Empathetic, caring, supportive and encouraging.

Each house represents an important characteristic that can be demonstrated at all times. The individual houses have their own unique colors, mascot, cheer and hand signal. Throughout the year, the students will meet with their house family to get to know each other. 

The ultimate goal is for each house to develop their own values driven by the culture of the students and staff. 

In August, Aldine ISD launched two Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) schools: Goodman Elementary and Worsham Elementary. The ACE model, brings in accomplished educators, ensures every student is supported academically, socially, and emotionally to reach his or her potential and improve student outcomes. Fostering positive school culture is a vital part of developing success. The house system is just one way of creating a strong community at each campus.